Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Why hello there!

All of us students are back from Thanksgiving, and boy was it nice. While I do miss my friends and fellow students here, there is nothing like passiIMG_20171016_182011453ng time laughing with your family or surfing out in Virginia Beach. It reminded me to not get caught up in the routines and stresses of life, and enjoy being present in the world around me.

I remembered that life isn’t about the negatives, but the positives.

It has genuinely refreshed my perspective on my academic life and my research, which is so nice. In addition, I have been using more of my friends around me as a resource to deal with my life. So, I definitely feel more in control of my mental life, and I feel “in the zen.”

IMG_20171016_182932186Regarding my research, I have made some significant progress recently (THANK GOODNESS)! I am utilizing x-ray crystallographic techniques to further characterize the structure of my cannabinoid-like products, and I have fully characterized one! This is great news as it further proves what I have made, and it will definitely help my Honor’s Thesis. So, thank you for all of your well wishes and support, because diligence really is key to organic chemistry. Hip hip, hooray!

To bid you all adieu, here are some pictures I took over the break in Virginia Beach. Thank you my audience for being yourself!


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