Out to Sea

I keep finding new sources. Which is great. They are super fascinating. I’m reading 19th century Howells novel to gain insight to a *true* American Self-Made Man. I’m reading some crazy literary criticism on how Jewish immigrants were perceived over time in American society, particularly in the economy. I feel like I’m really getting a grasp of my characters, my models, and my arguments. But it’s a lot of sources. A lot of research. A lot to read. My outlines keep getting longer, my reading lists longer. (And yet my pages written stays maddeningly still…) ILL won’t stop emailing me to pick up requested novels (I’ll get to you eventually, leave me alone!). Right now, I’m out to sea and I feel a little overwhelmed. I’ve never written a paper like this before. But my advisor, my captain if you will, has been encouraging. She says that I’m going to feel like this and it’s normal. I’ve never written anything this long before, with this many moving parts, that really comes to life as it’s being written. So I’m trusting her! I hope if you, fellow honors student, are feeling overwhelmed with the breadth of this project that you can be encouraged that you are not alone! You are doing something brave and adventurous and something hopefully that, when you take a look at your truest nerdy self, you really love. That brings you to life. I am proud of you. We can do this.