In five short days, my project will reach its culmination when I finally have my thesis defense! I cannot believe I have actually reached the end of my two semesters with William Carlos Williams. It feels like only yesterday that I opened to the first page of his collected poems, read my first articles of literary criticism on his medical narratives, and traveled to Paterson, Rutherford, and even Yale to immerse myself in his world.

For the middle two weeks of November leading up to Thanksgiving, I spent all of my time revising my final paper. It was actually pretty fun to look over the work I had done. As I read the document time and time again, I was reminded of how far I had come and came to the realization that I had actually succeeded in creating a coherent, argumentative, and interesting essay on the topic that one year ago I knew very little about. Additionally, as I polished my paper, I was able to see it improving each step of the way–which was extremely gratifying.

The day I turned in my thesis to the honors committee that will examine me this week was especially exciting. Not only was I able to free myself of the hard work and stress that came with writing the paper, but I was finally able to share my work with others. Though I am currently a little bit nervous—knowing that the honors committee is now reviewing my piece and will soon be examining me about its ideas, concepts, writing, and more—I am mostly excited for my defense. I think it will be both fun and interesting to hear other people’s ideas on my project, and also to share my further thoughts with them! I hope that I am able to do my project and its topic justice during my defense on Friday, and also that my defense committee and I teach each other a few things along the way.

Thanks for following me throughout the project!

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