November in a Blur

Oh wow, how is it December already? November went by in an absolute blur of readings and movies. I counted today and realized I’ve read 20 books so far for this thesis! Most of those I’ve read this semester alone. But I’m so close to being done with my research. I have 3 books, 4 movies, and a few more articles to go before I’ll be shifting to writing.

Some interesting ideas that have been discussed in this whirlwind of readings are:

  • The potential for evaluation of animal exploitation through the religious conception of “Dominion” over the animals, and what this looks like and could mean
  • The creation of “the human” and “the animal” as binary opposites, what is problematic about this, and how it harms more than just biologically non-human animals
  • Animal selfhood and emotional lives
  • The approach of understanding animals on their own terms and treating them accordingly
  • Historical roles of animals, including the link between animals and spirituality

And, of course, some fun facts:

  • When your cat kneads you with his paws, he’s claiming you by marking you with his scent
  • Dogs use the “play bow” to not only invite you to play, but to reassure you they’re still just playing, even if things have just gotten or are about to get pretty rough
  • Elephants will perform tricks for the reward of a single mini marshmallow
  • Some people ride cows
  • Fish can feel fear
  • Octopuses change color when they’re angry
  • Chickens recognize faces

The more you know, right?

Thank you so much for sticking with me! I’m really excited to watch things take shape as I move from research to conceptualization.

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