Discovering s͔̞̪̭̱ͅ u̻̻̜̫͖͇̝ c̟̩ c̤̜̫̫ e̬̰͍ s̝͎̟͕͕̘ s͓̟

Hi. Hello. Hey. hai. ‘sup. Bonjour. Hola.

It is I, Daniel Speer, providing you with information regarding my Honors Thesis project!000131950005

Honestly, I things have finally been swinging upward. I have recently found some great progress of my project (in terms of compounds) and life has been riding a high. A lot of things have been going really well recently, both academically, socially, and mentally.


It is good to be good again.

In other news, both the Honors Colloquium and the Undergrad Science Symposium are coming up, and I’ll be presenting Tuesday, 2/13 at 3pm and Friday, 2/23 respectively! Exciting! Come watch me talk about cannabinoids!


Ciao! Love you guys!

Daniel Speer


PS: New photos uploaded to my website recently (http://thegrandpaproject.weebly.com/), catch a sneak peak here. 🙂