January Update

January Update


I went back home to China during the winter break. It was nice to see my family since I haven’t been home for a year and a half. The break was necessary for I can reset myself from a busy semester where application, research and coursework were happening at the same time.


I got back to work in the lab as soon as I came back to school, looking forward to making progress on my project. I continued my synthesis of an alternative ligand precursor with blocked sites so as to prevent structural isomers from forming. The reaction worked as I expected, however, the separation process was again troublesome. After a few steps of purification, I isolated some product. I am yet to confirm the identity of the product since initial proton and carbon NMR spectra have given me a rather ambiguous idea of what I have made. I have quite a bit of future work to do, and hopefully, I can obtain the pure desired product.

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