On The Page

Well, it’s on the paper. I don’t know if it’s any good (come on, important people, please don’t hate it!), and there are a few things I know I have to revise (introductions? Never heard of ’em.) But it’s on the paper, and that’s the hard part, right?

I sure hope it’s the hard part, because I pretty much wrote nonstop for 4 days, then got busy with other stuff, and then wrote nonstop for an entire week. Which just ended. I’m still spinning a little bit, and if anyone expects me to remember anything unrelated to animals from this past month they’ll be disappointed.

But in the end, I’m not only really proud of what I put down on the paper, but also of the process. I’m so happy I chose to take on this project: it’s absolutely the best academic decision I’ve made since coming to William and Mary. And both researching and writing it has been almost a spiritual experience. I’ve gotten to learn so much about the creatures we share the world with, and really investigate not only how we tend to interact with them on a general level, but also how I as an individual interact with the individuals in my life. This thesis has entirely changed how I eat, and has also changed how I approach animal rescue and the people I meet through it. I feel closer to the non-human world, and like I’m living more in accordance with my own nature and morals.

As my facebook feed fills with younger friends starting their fundraising process, I’m just truly and deeply happy for them. I hope that they have as much fun with theirs as I have had with mine.


  1. rsplummer says:

    Congratulations on finishing your paper! That’s a huge step, and you’re now even closer to defending and finalizing your project. I am currently in the middle of the writing process and can empathize with how difficult and time consuming it is. I have found it really satisfying to get my research down on paper, have you felt the same way? It’s incredible how much you’ve gained and learned from your experience. I wish you the best of luck with any future endeavors!

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