Exclusive pi-zero production and Compton scattering at GlueX

The GlueX experiment at Jefferson Lab’s Hall D aims to explore the gluonic degrees of freedom within hadrons through high-energy meson photoproduction.  Using a 9 GeV linearly-polarized photon beam, first measurements of the sigma beam asymmetry for pseudoscalar production have already provided insight into the meson production mechanisms at these energies. This endeavor will be dramatically enhanced through this honors project by exploiting new moment variables, having access to the newest experimental data with considerably better statistics than before, as well as the anticipated employment of the newly installed Cherenkov imaging detector. In this work, studies of the pi-zero reaction will be looked at along with an exploratory study of the Compton scattering process both utilizing the fine-grained calorimetry of the GlueX experiment.

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