First Month Update

I started making the video installation project since I’ve arrived San Diego. For the first month, we’ve been making the objects, props, fabrics, etc. for the videos and we are currently finishing up shooting videos. We have also been making the some stools the videos will be projected onto. As the stools stand as a furniture it also holds a screen inside for the projection. The project uses mahjong, not to show the game itself, but as a material to create a space in which the mahjong game becomes gestural.

For the following weeks I will be editing the videos, finishing up the videos and begin to set up the installation in the space to see how things work. We will also make some small led lights that can be worn as an earring for the viewers. The led inside it will be sensed and can somehow change the video/sound or trigger certain event in the installation.

IMG-5469IMG-5502Screenshot (1)Screenshot (2)Screenshot (3)IMG-55011 (1)2)

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