June Update: Photochemistry and New Directions

Hello all! Summer research is in full swing, and I’ve got some exciting updates to share about my progress…

My focus this summer has shifted to a project of our recent lab graduates, so I’ll be finishing up work on a recent paper with hopes of publishing in the near future. I’ve also been doing photochemistry studies and UV-vis studies. I love working  on photochem projects because I think it really integrates what I’ve learned as a chemistry major thus far- from synthetic methods to analytical techniques. Thus far, I have some promising results. One of our new lab members has also joined me on this project, so it’s been fun teaching her what I know. I think working in lab is really beneficial, especially when it comes to classes like Instrumental Analysis, because we have hands-on experience with the material we learn about in class. I’m really excited to continue learning more about photochemistry and different analytical methods and maybe even get back to my synthesis background by making more of the complex.

I hope you are all having a great summer! Stay tuned!