June Update

During the month of June, my study has been slowly but surely getting off the ground. Working with human participants has many pros, but it also has the big con of recruitment. Despite recruiting several teens that had already completed one of our lab’s previous studies, we were worried that we might not be getting the sample we want. In our study, we are hoping to look at the full spectrum of disorders, from fearfulness (anxiety) to fearlessness (psychopathy). That entails recruiting a wide range of individuals who are dealing with clinical disorders. So, while we have run some great, neurotypical, control teens, we are still hoping to find more that are fitting into these clinical categories.

To tackle that task, we are reaching out to local clinics, community health centers, and behavioral health centers. We hope that they will give us permission to put flyers up, give presentations, or have patients referred to our study. In addition, other psychology faculty members have been kind enough to share lists of adolescents who have participated in some of their studies in the past. We hope that with this new boost to our recruitment methods, we will have more participants cycling through our lab during the month of July!

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