The Search for Electrocatalysts


I’ve now been researching here for a month, and it’s been a lot of fun!  I’ve had a few successes, and confirmed that some complexes do not work for the Oxygen reduction reactions.  A day of my research is usually composed of a test of a promising electrocatalyst, followed by looking through published papers to see if those can offer any insight into the mechanisms or new catalysts to test.

The most exciting days are the ones where I synthesize new complexes to test!  I’ve had six such days so far, and all of the new complexes are active (to the best of my knowledge).   I’ve been testing the same or very similar sets of ligands to try to determine patterns among the active catalysts.



  1. magrios says:

    It’s really cool that you get to synthesize your own complexes! What complexes did you make and why did you choose those over other options you had? Have you seen any general trends thus far in your project that could lead to finding a more successful electrocatalyst?

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