July Update: Timepoints and TONs

One word to describe the past month of research? TIMEPOINTS. Lots and lots of timepoints. So I’ve been in lab at all odd hours checking on my experiments, spending lots of quality time with the GC. For the most part, I’ve been able to intelligently structure my experiments so that my timepoints fall during typical waking hours of the day. After spending some time optimizing the parameters of my photochem experiments (such as concentration of chromophore and amount of nanoparticles), I’ve been running my experiments this past week in the best conditions and calculating the turn over numbers. Turn over numbers (TONs) are the moles of hydrogen (in our case) produced per mol of catalyst and are a good way to measure the catalytic capability of our system. Things are looking good so far, but there’s still a lot to do! In the future, I’m hoping to set up even more photochem experiments and recrystallize and take an IR of the catalyst. Here’s to a busy final two weeks of research!