One Week Left

July flew by faster than June did, and as we transition into August, I find myself with only one week of summer research left. July was a month packed with study sessions and data entry. By the end of this week, I will have run 55 participants, so it will be my goal to collect data from about 30 more participants throughout the fall semester. My original goal of collecting all of my data this summer proved to be a little too ambitious. After beginning data collection, I discovered that the set up for each session is very time intensive, so scheduling and running 10 children a week over eight weeks would have been very difficult. However, I have worked hard to run as many participants as I can each week, and I am happy with all of my progress this summer.

Between sessions, I have been busy with data entry. As of now, I have all of the data from my paper questionnaires entered into Excel, so it should be easily input into SPSS for analysis in the fall. In between participants, I am currently working on coding the video data that I have collected. With the help of my advisor, Dr. Forestell, I have been working to identify the negative facial and verbal reactions of children throughout the task. During a meeting a couple of weeks ago, we operationalized certain variables, such as our hesitancy variable, and I learned what is and is not important to pay attention to in terms of the children’s behavior. While coding these videos can be very tedious at times, it is one of my favorite parts of the project so far. I am excited to see what comes of this data once we begin analyzing it.

By the time I post again, it will be the start of the fall semester of my senior year. That’s hard to wrap my head around. I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my decision to join a research lab and participate in psychology research. As a freshman, I never would have thought that this would be something I would be a part of, much less that I would enjoy doing. Now, as a senior completing my Honors thesis, I am thankful for the opportunity to begin this process when I joined Dr. Forestell’s lab my sophomore year, and I look forward to the journey that lies ahead in completing it this year.

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