8000 Year Old Tsunami

One interesting thing that I might have found in my core is evidence of a tsunami caused by the Storegga Slide event that happened off of the western coast of Norway during the early Holocene.  Evidence mainly in the form of a large erosional and depositional event can be seen in multiple lakes in western Norway, as well as potentially one other lake in the Faroe Islands.  The tsunami would have inundated lake basins and brought in lots of sediment, marine material such as shells and foraminifera, and other debris, and would fine upward (meaning the coarsest sediment would be at the bottom and finer sediment would be at the top) as the water settled in the lakes.

The bottom 20 cm of my longer core that goes back ~8.5 ka has lots of shell fragments with coarser material, which is what I am currently interpreting as the Storegga Tsunami.  There is a cold event that happened 8.2 ka as well, but it is hard to differentiate between the tsunami and the cold event.  During the cold event, temperatures dropped and atmospheric and ocean circulation patterns were disturbed.  The cold event was likely caused by meltwater from the Laurentide ice sheet

In the next few weeks, I will be thinking about what methods I could use to potentially differentiate between the Storegga Tsunami and the 8.2 ka cold event, and see which one I think affected my core.

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