August Update: Let the Interviews Begin!

The month of August has been both characterized for me by both frustration and growth. My goal was to wind-down the “summer” part of my research with a clear path forward. While I am proud of the work that I have done over the past few months, I mostly look forward to school starting and to having a more regimented schedule for research. I have been lucky enough to work with Professor McGlennon to pinpoint key players in the legislative and administrative sides of pretrial policy. In the next few weeks, I hope to interview many of them to get a sense of the range of perspectives that exist on this issue. This has become even more important becasue the rudimentary statistical analyses that I have conducted generally show that partisanship (as measured by 2016 Trump support and ideological tests developed by Shor and McCarty) does little to explain the great variance in pretrial policy seen across the country and within the state of Virginia. While it is possible that the tests I am conducting are not sensitive enough, I suspect that there is much to be learned from interviewing stakeholders.


One more thing I am excited to do one school starts is to engage with more professors to ensure that my methods are sound but also to use a wider range of expertise in evaluating my project as it moves along. Here’s to hoping that this next chapter of my research will be a fruitful one.


  1. Alex,

    I look forward to hearing more about your methodology! Taking advantage of advice and ideas from Professors sounds great.

    Your project really interests me, and it is very interdisciplinary in nature. I bet finding the right balance and methodology has been challenging, but you seem to be doing an amazing job. Can’t wait to keep seeing your blog posts.