End of Summer Updates

I have had a very productive summer of honors research. In early June, I set goals for myself of writing a draft of my introduction, and exploring different statistical analyses. Two months later, I am happy to say that I have made significant progress.


I have a solid draft of my introduction written, which has allowed me to develop a solid foundation in knowledge concerning peer emotion socialization and externalizing behavior problems. This foundation will aid me in the year ahead as I dive deeper into my data set and develop my research questions further.


In terms of statistics, I decided upon using Actor-Partner Interdependence Modeling (as discussed in my previous post). After spending the past month reading about it and trying out some analyses, I have a theoretical understanding of how it works. However, I am having some technical trouble with my syntax. My first goal once the semester starts is to find a solution to this problem.


I am excited for this semester of research!