September 2018 Update

Once again, I’ve been so busy I forgot to make a post for September. Things have been mostly status quo for now though. Tracking has continued at all three sites – it’s been warm enough here that the toads are still up and about. Thankfully, Hurricane Florence didn’t cause us to lose any animals either!

As far as data analysis, I have been able to update the “substrate” data for each species. In other words, I’ve categorized the microhabitat usage of American and Fowler’s toads and been able to compare the differences between species.


American Toads still seem to spend the greatest amount of their time in leaf litter, though they do use other types of microhabitats such as logs fairly often. Fowler’s Toads, on the other hand, seem to spend most of their time in soil, and also use vegetative cover much more than American Toads (who don’t use it at all).

We’ll have to see if these trends continue through the fall. I suspect once we hit November, most of our toads will begin their annual hibernation.

Until next month!