October Update: Let the Drafting Begin!

Over the past month, my main focus has been to finish reading my primary sources and to begin outlining my thesis. I stayed in Williamsburg over fall break to wrap up most of my reading, meaning that I didn’t have the most exciting of breaks, but it was certainly productive.

With most of my reading covered, I’ve begun outlining my thesis. I’ve decided to split my thesis into an introduction covering the basic history of the Harkis (which looks like it may be long enough to constitute a chapter in it of itself, as describing colonialism and everything that comes with it is no easy feat) and three chapters. In talking with my advisor, the best approach to the chapters of my thesis seems to be to split the recognition of Harki memory into three spheres: family and community, the French public, and the Franco-Algerian public (in that order). As of right now, my guiding idea is that contributions to each sphere have enabled for the emergence of the next sphere, with the memory of the community/family sphere being the most complete and the memory of the Franco-Algerian sphere still needing a lot of work (and meaning that this chapter will be the most work for me!).

I’m planning on beginning to write the chapter on family and community memory next month, hopefully having that whole chapter completed by the end of the semester. I’ve still got a decent number of loose ends that I’ll need to tie together between outlining and actually writing this chapter, but hopefully as soon as I put my thoughts into words everything will tidy itself up.