As the year progresses I have been working on analyzing my data. This involves reading articles on my subject matter as well as writing ethnographic vignettes. The vignettes have been immensely helpful when I have been working through some of the concepts in my project. They allow me to recreate a scene from my research in a way that I can further analyze the event. One vignette that I have written deals with the process for obtaining documents and how it differs based on your citizenship and physical characteristics. My visa expired six days before I reentered the country, but I had no problems with customs. This was a stark juxtaposition to the people with whom I worked in Italy, the majority of whom were from West Africa. Their whole beings were focused on the simple fact of getting documentation, while, with my American passport, I didn’t even have to think about it. By writing this event as an ethnographic vignette I was able to understand the nuances of the situation and how they connected to my project. I plan to continue writing and analyzing data throughout the rest of this fall semester.