October Update (Happy Halloween!)

Data collection this month has been very slow moving, but I am still pleased with my progress overall. While recruiting participants in October has been the most difficult yet, I took the additional time this month to finish drafting both my introduction and methods sections. Although the thought of beginning to write my thesis was daunting at first, it came fairly easily once I sat down and began writing. I found papers written by previous Honors students in my lab and used those for formatting guidance where necessary. It was also helpful to look at the way other researchers conducting similar types of research have formatted their articles. In terms of content, I am very grateful for the time I spent this past spring and summer collecting and summarizing articles because it made the process much smoother. I am finding that the more organized and concise I can be when conducting literature searches, the more prepared I am to synthesize the information and relate it back to my own work.

While I know these sections are far from ready, I am happy to have drafts that I can spend time rewriting and revising with Dr. Forestell over the next few weeks. Everything feels like it is beginning to come together, and I am excited to keep moving forward. Hopefully once Halloween activities settle down I will be able to recruit more participants to come in for sessions. If possible, I am hoping to finish collecting my data before finals so I can spend my winter break cleaning up my data, coding, and writing in preparation for my defense in the spring. I am excited to finally dive into analyzing my results and am curious to see if my hypotheses are true.