November Update

After a restful Thanksgiving break at home in Massachusetts, I’ve returned to campus ready to finish tackling my data collection over the last few weeks of the semester. I have my 75th, 76th, and 77th participants lined up for this coming weekend, so I am planning to push my advertising efforts one last time to find my final three participants. After about six months of data collection, I am excited to wrap up this part of my project and move onto analyzing my results.

Moving forward into December, my plan is to work on finishing my data entry, video coding, and possibly begin some primary analyses. While I have not had as much time to work on data entry this semester as I did over the summer, all of my data from the summer is already in Excel, so I will just have to work on entering data collected this semester. I found over the summer that this goes pretty quickly once I am in a rhythm, and since the finals period will provide me with the opportunity to sit down uninterrupted, I anticipate being able to finish this before winter break.

In addition to manually entering my data, I will have to export all of the data I’ve collected through Qualtrics. This is fairly simple, except that I will have to clean up some parts of the data for it to be input into SPSS. For example, each parent who comes in completes a single set of questionnaires about her eating behaviors, even if she has brought in more than one child to participate. Since participant numbers are assigned per child, not per parent, I will need to align each mother’s responses with the data specific to each of her children. I am thankful to have watched the graduate student in my lab recently clean up his data set from his first year project, so I know what this process looks like and what to expect. Organizing these pieces will hopefully help with a smooth transition into data analysis and writing my results and discussion sections once the spring semester begins.