Honors Blog Post 8: Modeling and Meetings

Over the past month I drafted a grant proposal to the Charles center to investigate an accompanying question to my study: what are the effects of temperature on mud snail mating? Determining the underlying mechanisms controlling mud snail laying may help to inform eelgrass restoration projects about the best time to transplant eelgrass. Additionally I met with Dr. Mark Brush from VIMS to discuss how the data we collected on the light attenuation caused by egg capsules to answer questions about what is actually occurring in the Bay. Because this part of my study closely parallels prior studies that measured the effects of algae on light attenuation there are set procedures in place with which I can analyze my data. Lastly I met with Dr. Fourqurean from Florida International University an expect sea grass biologist and bio geochemist to discuss the methods used throughout my project. My brief meeting with Dr. Fourqurean was highly informative and we be useful in writing up my honors thesis.

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