Honors Blog Post 9: More Stats

Over the past month I’ve worked primarily on repeating statistical tests that my advisor and I performed in SPSS in R. I also began writing the methods for the portion of my experiments in which we tested how much light egg capsules block. I believe we will do some follow up experiments in the spring of 2019 to bolster the experiments we did over the summer. Specifically, I want to measure how much light egg capsules block at low densities and the effect of the angle of light relative to the device then measure the portion of the light coming through the blade. In order to learned more about the physics of light in the ocean and how to  measure it I plan on meeting with Dr. Zieman at ODU who has done extensive work on the physics of light in the ocean. As I continue with my data analysis from the summer I am eager to begin the most daunting part of the honors thesis: the write up.

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