(Late) – Summer Science Symposium

Two weeks ago was the Summer Science Symposium. Everyone who received Charles Center funding for the summer, including all honors fellowships, presented their research. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to practice talking about my research, as well as hear about other interesting projects.


I presented some preliminary analyses of my project, focusing on just Time One data. Looking at a small portion of my lab’s data helped me clarify which types of analysis I want to perform on the entire data set. Ultimately, I will examine adolescent development over a four-year period, from about age 13 to 17. Practicing my analyses on a more manageable dataset and sharing these results was a valuable experience.


I also had the opportunity to learn about other honors theses. I talked to some other psychology majors, as well as fields I am unfamiliar with. It is quite remarkable how much impressive research is taking place at William & Mary, especially at the undergraduate level.