Winter Update

Happy New Year! With the busyness of finals and the holidays, I didn’t get the chance to provide a December recap, so I wanted to give an update on my research. Before leaving for winter break, I reached my goal and finished my data collection. After spending months running study sessions, I am excited to move forward with data analysis and writing.

So that I can dive into this when I return to campus, I’ve spent a lot of time organizing, cleaning, and coding my data. I finished entering all of the data I collected through paper questionnaires, and I also downloaded and coded all the data I collected on Qualtrics. Additionally, I spent a lot of time uploading and trimming video data for facial analysis. This process ended up taking me much longer than expected, but it is rewarding to see it all come together moving into the spring semester.

As I look forward to my return to campus for my last semester, I am planning out the steps to finish my project in time for my defense. The first step I need to accomplish is finishing coding all of the videos. Since trimming and uploading 80 videos was tedious and time consuming, I have not had the opportunity to code as many videos as I would have liked to by this point. Once I’m back on campus, my goal is to code at least five videos a day to obtain hesitancy ratings for all the participants. After the hesitancy scores are entered, I will work with Dr. Forestell to complete the rest of the facial analysis. I expect this to be the most time intensive part of the project this semester.

Once this is complete and all of my data is loaded into SPSS, Dr. Forestell and I will work on analyzing the data. I am most looking forward to this part of the project because I am intrigued to see if we have any significant results. I have over ten questionnaires in addition to our behavioral task data and video data, so there will be a lot to analyze. Then it will be time to write up my results and discussion sections, and to finish editing the rest of my paper before putting my presentation together.

Putting this all in writing seems a bit daunting, but I know that setting weekly goals will help me finish everything in time. I am excited to wrap everything up and have a finished product that reflects all of the hard work that went into this project; and I am really looking forward to attending the thesis defenses of my friends who are completing Honors projects in other departments. Good luck to everyone in this final stretch!