It’s All Coming Together

My final semester of college has begun, and I have about two months left to analyze my data and finish writing my thesis. Before returning to campus, I laid out steps to achieve this goal and so far, everything is going according to plan. As I anticipated, completing all video coding has been the biggest obstacle to getting all of my data in order. Given the tedious nature of facial analysis, I’ve needed to shift my priorities slightly and focus more on gathering hesitancy data and counting the number of spoons taken per sample before working on analyzing facial reactions.

Otherwise, I have made great progress on organizing my data in SPSS. Within the next couple of weeks, we should have everything together to begin conducting more in-depth analyses. As I have previously mentioned, this is the part of the project that I am most excited about. I’m looking forward to interpreting our findings and putting together a story that will hopefully shed light on certain aspects of picky eating and neophobia.

Yesterday we received an email from the Charles Center with important dates regarding our thesis committees, submission of our papers, and our defenses. Last fall, I began brainstorming for this project because I knew that completing an Honors thesis was a goal of mine in college. After about a year and a half of work, it is hard to believe that I am this close to the end. The next couple of months are going to require a lot of time and energy, but I am excited and ready to pull it all together.