February Update: Making Headway on Writing

Since my last update, I have made quite a bit of progress on the remainder of my thesis. Although applying for jobs and this semester’s schoolwork have set me back a little bit, I am relatively happy with the progress I have made, especially considering the major concept changes I described in my last post. In February, I completed a skeletal version of my chapter on the creation on the Royal Flying Corps image. Some sections are only outlined, as I want to go over the potential argument and content of them before writing them out fully and having to make major changes. Other sections in this chapter are fully written but I need to make major edits to the content and writing style. Since this chapter came out of the concept changes I made last minute, I wanted to just get them written and sent in to my advisor to make sure he agrees with the changes before getting too close to the deadline. 

The goal for the next two weeks are to finish the remaining chapters for my thesis. One of these chapters is the background chapter on the Royal Flying Corps, which, in my opinion, is the easiest write, as it is essentially a factual history of the RFC. The other two chapters are my introduction and conclusion chapters, which I have outlined and a goal of how long I would like each to be. Ideally, I would like to have my draft done by the end of spring break. Then, that would give me at least a month to make the final edits and formatting changes I would need before submitting the final draft to my committee members by April 12. Luckily, my advisor has been giving me advice and a list of changes to make for each chapter and outline, so I can edit as I go. This will help me a lot after spring break, as then I can make primarily stylistic changes and minor edits. 

Since I submitted my committee list last month, the last major thing I have to do is schedule when I would like to defend my thesis. Hopefully, I can defend it before the end of classes, so then I can focus on my final exams and papers and look towards graduation. Although I have two more months of hard work in front of me, I am nearing the final stretch. I am happy to see the past two years of research and writing beginning to culminate in a final product!