February Update

Next week is spring break, and it is hard to believe that when we return to campus, there will be one month before my thesis is due. Where has the time gone? Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent countless hours double checking my data, computing variables, and coding video footage from sessions. My SPSS spreadsheet currently has over 100 variables, so it has taken a long time to meticulously check each one. Coffee breaks and short walks outside have been my saving grace throughout this process.

At this point, my analyses are well underway, and I’m about to begin drafting the results section of my paper. The analysis has been the most complicated and interesting part of the project thus far, but I am looking forward to tying the findings together in the discussion section. It is exciting to see my paper slowly growing in length, and I am beginning to think about my defense presentation as well. Putting together presentations is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m looking forward to taking my research and finding an exciting way to present it visually to my audience. For now those are all of the updates I have, but I’m sure my next blog post is going to be a lengthy one!