Since the emergence of internet and portable listening devices such as iPod and smartphones in the past 20 years, online music streaming platforms become the mainstream way of listening to music instead of CD and tapes. The power of internet and social media has dominated the world. Though some previous research touched on the field of social media memes but there’s no previous research directly related to music. This research project proposes to study the dynamic behavior of a new song’s streaming numbers after it is released. The research will be mainly based on the data from the popular global online music platform such as Spotify or iTunes. It will help us to see how a song performs after it is released and can help we predict an internet sensation. Also we will set up a general mathematical model that can fit the behavior of most songs, then we may analyze if there is any abnormal behavior of particular songs.
This research project would be based on the Bass Diffusion Model which has been very influential in the real world of applications and in the theoretical world of basic research. The title of the paper in 1969 suggests that applications of the model in the paper  would be limited to consumer durables. However, applications of the model have been shown to apply to a much wider class of products and services.