Skin and Bones: A Sculptural Exploration of Change through Form and Structure

How does image and form combine with material to create a unified whole? This is the challenge of sculpture. Using the language of sculpture: its scale, its form, and its material I will work on a series of sculptures that address the ways in which all of these elements come together to create a cohesive whole.  The conceptual framework of my research will focus on how experiences change and shape the world, leading to a constant state of evolution, both in people and the physical world, in people, the ways that our experiences change our personalities and perceptions and in the physical world, how forces such as erosion and climate change lead the landscape itself to change.  Through a series of life sized or larger than life sized sculptures depicting the human figure and animal forms, I will explore the ways in which the formal elements of sculptures can be used to express and develop these ideas. During this time, I will also explore a variety of materials, including clay, plaster, straw, resin, and bronze, and will look at the ways in which the textures and forms afforded by these materials changes the message that a work conveys.  My research will develop my understanding not only of the language of sculpture, but also of the concepts that I will explore, and the ways in which I can convey these