Final Blog

After the busyness of finishing up my thesis subsided, I realized that I didn’t upload my final blog post – so here it is! After returning from spring break, I had about a month until my thesis was due to my committee, so I jumped into the results and discussion sections of my paper. Weaving my results into a story based on the existing body of literature and explaining how my findings filled in some gaps was exciting to do. After many, many rounds of edits, I submitted my final product to my committee with a smile on my face. Printing out my thesis and holding my work in my hands was very rewarding after over a year’s worth of work on this project. I am grateful for this experience and for the support from the Charles Center, my donors, my advisor, Dr. Forestell, and the research assistants in our lab. Now it’s time to finalize my presentation and practice before my defense next week! Wish me luck!