Strap Up!

In my first week out of school, I had to be familiar with what I should do for honors. In my second, I have not been out of the house very often thanks to me binge-watching Hulu. Right now, I am checking in with my advisor to see what our appointments should be throughout the summer. Interestingly, there are still some background research and class review that I would need to do. Again, I am designing a scientific instrument that collects easy-to-read measurements to determine benchmarks for a person experiencing a fatal fall. So far, I found peer-reviewed articles relating to falls and summarized the work that the W&M Kinesiology Department is doing to prevent them. Now that I have settled back on campus, I can continue taking notes on those topics. I also cannot wait to do the same with topics ranging from electronics to design thinking.

Week #1 To-Do List

  • Work on the acknowledgments section.
  • Review lectures for Electronics and Engineering Design, and gain an in-depth understanding of analog and digital circuits.
  • Take notes on peer-reviewed articles about falls prevention and its sensors.
  • Talk to my honors advisor about the appointment schedule. Also, talk about the summer research project, necessary evidence, budget, and preparedness for the EPAD engineering capstone.

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