Week 2 Update!

Happy Friday everyone!

Week 2 has been very tedious to say the least. In my three years at the college, I have taken numerous Qualtrics surveys, but have yet to create one myself until now. I am not the most tech-savvy person out there, so figuring out the platform was a bit of a struggle for me, especially because it requires a manual entry of all measures. However, all the measures for the preliminary aspect of my study are finally in the system and they are ready to be checked. My advisor and I will sit down soon to go over every single question in order to be sure that there are no spelling errors or missed questions. This will ensure that the measures are as accurate and reliable as possible. It feels good to have this step out of the way because it means we are one step closer to being able to run participants.

Next up, my advisor and I will work on finalizing in-lab tasks, so hopefully I will have updates on how that goes next week!

**Side note**

I know I have not provided extensive details about the nature of my honors project. But because I am engaging in an experimental study, my aim is to not reveal too much about the measures and experiment so that I do not skew the results, should a participant stumble across these blog posts!

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