Update 4: Almost at the Start!

This past week has been extremely overwhelming, yet very rewarding. To create in-lab tasks, I spent many (and I mean MANY) hours trying to lean how to use Eprime–a software used for many psych studies–so that I could create the necessary procedures for my study. After a lot of emails, reading the EPrime manual, and a couple shed tears, I was finally able to create and run two different tasks. It was extremely rewarding to do a practice run of these tasks and see that they actually worked! This was thankfully, one of the last items on my to-do list before I can run participants. Tomorrow my advisor and I will do a practice run of the entire experiment so that we can work out any logistical kinks and make sure that I feel comfortable with all the protocols and procedures. This will ensure that I can will feel confident when running real participants, which at this point could happen by the end of the week! I will hopefully have an end of the week update on whether or not this experiment has the green light to run soon!


  1. lcsimpson says:

    Wow congratulations! I’ve also used E-Prime in my research and I know how difficult it can be to figure out at first! Sometimes I feel like the most daunting part about research is all of the troubleshooting! It is really great that you have been able to design your own experiment! I hope that you’re able to run participants soon and I’m excited to follow your progress!