Summer Update #4

Hi Everyone! This post will be about last week’s progress because I got caught up in 4th of July festivities and forgot to post! My two goals last week were to refine and edit the work I have already done and to write up the methods of my experiment. I decided to write the methods section before editing the rest of the paper and it ended up working out really well! Putting the basic framework of what I did and why in writing helped me to refocus on my main ideas, some of which were getting lost in the fray of all of the writing. A particular aspect of my project that I focused on more was my sample. My project used a community (non-clinical) sample of adolescents. The advantages of a non-clinical sample are that they represent a larger portion of the population and they’re easier to recruit. They also allow for research of individuals who present with subclinical levels of disorder or individuals who are not in treatment for disorders. Like any other sample, there are also drawbacks to community samples such as we do not see exaggerated responses during experimental tasks the way that we may by using a clinical sample. In the end, both are useful and can be used to study different things in different ways. Thinking about why I chose to use the sample I did helped me to further refine my argument and justification for the importance of this research. I was really happy with the work I was able to accomplish this week and welcomed the long 4th of July weekend! This coming week my goal is to begin writing the discussion portion of my thesis where I will analyze and contextualize my results. This is, in my opinion, the most difficult part to write but also the most rewarding so I am excited to get started!


  1. Emily Xu says:

    I’ve always found writing to be really helpful in organizing my thoughts and conceptualizing the best way to present my data! I also find that writing the methods section is a great way to make sure that your methods and results sections complement each other! How do you account for those other variables in standardizing your data?

    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, and good luck with your research!

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