Post #4: LC3 in Cells

Hi everyone! Over this past couple of weeks, I have been analyzing images of my co-transfections with mutant TRa1 receptor and the autophagy marker, LC3. I was very excited to see that the LC3 marker was expressing very well in HeLa cells. In some of the images I obtained (Figure 1), I could clearly see spots of increased expression surrounding in the nuclei of the cells. This makes sense, as LC3 is a microtubule-associated protein; microtubules emerge from the microtubule organizing center (MTOC), an important organelle that aids the cell in a variety of important cellular processes, including cell division and autophagy. The MTOC is located in close proximity to the cell’s nucleus.

LC3 expressed in HeLa cells!

Figure 2. LC3 expressed in HeLa cells.

Unfortunately, I did not observe much co-localization between LC3 and my mutant tc-TRa1. They were both being expressed in different parts of the cell. I am currently brainstorming ideas of other methods we could use to study protein aggregate localization!

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