Figuring out the Trends in Am-241 and Cs-137 Peak Depths

Hi everyone! Currently, I am sifting through dozens of papers to get a better understanding of Am-241 and Cs-137 mobility through the ground. I have about 2/3 of the data I intended to collect from my soil cores at this point, and I am in the midst of interpreting what is occurring. The soil depth with the greatest concentration of Am-241 is a tad greater than 6cm deeper than layer with the greatest Cs-137 concentration. At this point, there are two explanations as to what is happening. Either Am-241 moves through the ground faster than Cs-137, or they move at similar rates but the Cs-137 is getting disrupted by variables that Am-241 does not encounter. I am trying to uncover factors that impact only one of these isotopes to get a comparative picture of the two. It has been difficult to find comprehensive sources for this problem because the vast majority of studies solely study Cs-137, or they study a selection of isotopes but don’t study both isotopes I am interested in. A few of the factors I am currently digging deeper into are absorption of isotopes by fungi and the formation of complexes between Cs/Am with phosphates and organic compounds. Back to reading!

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