Mapping Out Field Work in Morocco

I arrived in Meknes, Morocco yesterday afternoon and have begun organizing appointments on the ground to see the waste collection process. Next week, I will meet with the municipal waste collection company to accompany them on their route to the dump site. I will also interview employees to hear what they have to say about waste collection in Meknes. I have also found that a French company, Suez, is working with the landfill in Meknes to recycle some of the trash that gets collected. I am looking to see whether I can meet with some of these individuals who work on recycling. There is a history of people on the margins of society collecting metals, plastics, and glass and re-selling them for money, but the Suez program looks like one of the first formal programs that offers locals employment in the recycling sector.

I am excited to hit the ground running and see where next week takes me! Meknes is a mid-sized Moroccan city located centrally in the country, making it easier for me to make connections while still representing the typical Moroccan.