Post 5: Workshop 2; Wire and Paper Clay

Only a couple more posts until the blog will be fully caught up.  So after changing direction on my sculpture, and starting on the new form, I immediately had to leave it, and go to Bennington Vermont for my second workshop of the summer.  This workshop was taught by Sally B Moore, and was on sculpting with wire, paper, and paper clay.  A lot more experimental that my first workshop, this was going over materials I hadn’t used before, and because of that, I learned a lot.  In my first workshop I made 2 large pieces, in this one I made close to 10 small pieces, just messing around with materials and seeing what you could do with them.  This workshop was also different in that I was living on a campus, and spending all my time working on art.  I had thought my first workshop was intense, with almost 12 hour days, until I got to Bennington and was working on art from 7:30 to 10:30 every day for a week.  It was exhausting, but also really incredible, to be able to focus so completely on working.

The actual layout of the workshop was pretty loose, we didn’t really have assignments, and aside from a couple common forms, everybody kind of did their own thing.  That’s not to say that we were isolated in our work, Sally and the rest of the class would frequently share opinions or help with each other.  I think it’s that mixture of freedom and community that let me make the most of this workshop.  And make the most I did, learning a ton of new stuff about materials I hadn’t ever used.  We went over how to make your own paper clay out of paper and joint compound, how to mix wire, paper, and paper clay in interesting ways, and what the benefits and limitations of the materials were.  I went into this workshop not exactly knowing what I’d get out of it, since it wasn’t on ceramics, and I left with my head full of Ideas about how to integrate these new materials into my work.

A bunch of Pictures this post.  A lot of the shots here are of pieces in progress, since I forgot to take good pictures of stuff on the last day (I was busy trying to figure out how to pack it to go on a train). There’s a couple pictures from the show we had at the end of the workshop, where we displayed our work and all the other workshops came around and looked at it, which was a ton of fun and good experience in setting up a show.

20190718_154637 20190717_142703 20190719_16071820190716_171017 20190718_154741 IMG_6830