Followup on my Honors Fellows research

I’ve been through a really hard time on my research this summer. I was thinking about building a model for music streaming numbers at first but having been through all the research this summer, I found the topic to be kind of unobtainable for me. I was thinking of using the data from Spotify and I thought I would be able to get the data since I only need the numbers of streaming for some of the songs. However, I communicated with the developers from Spotify and they told me the data are not obtainable for me. I was really upset about this but then I found that the data for movie revenues are more obtainable and all the data are available online for me. I made the hard decision and transitioned my topic from building a music model to a movie revenue model. It was a really hard decision for me but I was making progress after I changed my topic slightly since I got all the data I need.

I communicated with my professor and came up with several different types of models and categorized the movies appropriately. I also came up with the potential formula that could fit the model. This summer has been a hard time for me and my research but I started to make some big progress at the end of the summer. I’m trying to use R programming to analyze the data now and I hope things would work fine.