The Next Year (Writing)

Going into the semester I’m starting to think about next steps for my thesis. I need to meet with my advisor to talk about the data we have and figure out what other data I need to collect. As it stands now I have a lot of data on the effect of aged vs fresh aerosols on brown carbon and some on the effect of fresh SOA concentrations on brown carbon degradation. We may need to do more replicates of some later experiments if I want to include them in my thesis. It would be wonderful if we think that I have enough data to tell a complete story, but I can dedicate a significant amount of time to testing this semester if I need to. Part of my thesis will also be on the methodologies that we developed for these experiments and the data analysis we did to determine the half-lives of the brown carbon.

I plan to treat my honors work like a class, where I work on what I need to for a specific hour three days a week. I hope to start writing outlines this semester and get a jump start on as much as possible. This may well be wishful thinking, but it’s good to at least try so that the work doesn’t pile up too much in the second semester!

In terms of the structure of the thesis, it will have a section of introductory content and theory, followed by the methodologies for and reasoning behind any experiments that I did, and finally a conclusion pulling it all together into new knowledge. This is a very rough outline but it’s what I’ve seen other chemistry majors do and what I have in mind so far.


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