Post 8: Materials to Photocopy

During my research this summer, I also watched the film made of West’s novel The Day of the Locust in addition to re-reading the novel and writing notes about it with use of supplementary studies written on West. Interestingly, studies usually ignore or sideline West’s lesser known works and only very recently have his unpublished works begun to surface in scholarly articles (albeit, very rarely.)

Here are some of the additional materials I am getting photocopies of for my research:


SUNY Buffalo Library

Misc. Letters to/from Nathanael West to William Carlos Williams

Bibliography of Williams: Contempo III no.2, July 25, 1933 “Sordid, Good God” WCW on West’s Miss Lonelyhearts.

Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin

Collection of papers, 1930-1966; Includes 36 letters and telegrams from West to Beatrice Mathieu Roos, Feb.-Dec. 1930, and a pencil sketch of her by West [1930?]. Also includes photocopy of letter from Roos to West [1930?] and letter from Jay Martin (West’s biographer) to Roos, answered 25 July 1966. Also included is photocopy of a revised typescript of a story by West, The fake, 22 p.

UCLA Library Special Collections:

RKO Picture Archives; West’s manuscripts/screenplays for RKO pictures.

Huntington Library, San Marino California:

West screenplays.

Letters to/From Nathanael West during Hollywood career.


West’s screenplays are of particular interest to me as I continue my project as I have found them to be largely unexamined in the context of his body of work. The materials at UT Austin were collected by the scholar Jay Martin who wrote one of the more significant studies on West. He actually exchanged letters with Josephine Herbst that I found while at the Yale Beinecke Library.

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