Summer(y) Post!

Wow! What a summer for research and science!!

My work this summer was hugely successful by a number of metrics. First, it was wonderful to get as much good data as we did. I’ve been working on variations of this same experiment for a year and a half, and only this summer have we gotten truly publishable data. While this is a result of a lot of hard work, I also recognize that the timing was extremely lucky. Research in chemistry can sometimes be hard to predict, and timelines may not always go as planned. I was fortuitous enough to already be involved in a project that was primed to bear the fruits of a year of labor. My work this summer will go toward my honors thesis and will also be included in a paper that my professor and I will be working on this year.

Not only did we get good, publication-ready data, but we also found some new and interesting results that may lead us to our next investigation! Toward the end of the summer we started playing with the concentrations of fresh SOA with brown carbon and found interesting trends. That is likely something we will investigate this year and the lab will continue to look at next summer.

I may need to conduct a few more experiments to complete the story, but my summer has been very productive and I’m quite pleased with my progress so far! Thanks for following along on the blogs, and I hope to share the finished project with you all in a two short semesters!

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