The Summer-y is Over: Looking Back and Forward

Happy end of summer!

While I spent much of August apart from my research, I have enjoyed reflecting, reviewing, and repeating my summer’s work to people of varying backgrounds. I have presented a fair amount of my research ruminations in my previous blog posts, so I will focus more heavily on my future outlook for the coming year of honors thesis work.

But first I have to give a debrief from a definite summer lab highlight: liquid nitrogen ice cream making! Our lab worked with Professor Kidwell’s lab to produce “Childhood Pantry Goals” themed ice cream. Our lab made Gushers sorbet and Teddy Graham ice cream (with Trader Joe’s cookie butter) and they were both major hits! I thoroughly enjoyed the coordination and organization of planning the day, as well as the mess we made during the ice cream making. The liquid nitrogen aspect offered a fantastic blend of two of my favorite things: science and ice cream!


All five flavors offered from our “Childhood Pantry Goals” theme.

Dr. Coleman's summer research lab making "Childhood Pantry Goals" liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Dr. Coleman’s summer research lab making “Childhood Pantry Goals” liquid nitrogen ice cream.

As the start of classes rapidly approaches, I have begun to draft a game plan for my honors thesis over the next semester. Utilizing lessons learned from the summer, I intend to set aside a set “class” time to work on my honors thesis during the week and focus specifically on reading and working on my models. My next steps include combing through the quirks of CellDesigner and tuning my models to best fit my questions and goals. I aim to write some of my literature review in parallel with my models’ progress to keep up on my writing while the reading is fresh, and also to keep my models in line with the current literature.

While I will certainly miss the luxury of full days devoted to research, I am looking forward to where this project takes me — thanks for following along this summer!

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