A Recap of My Summer Research

For those of you who are missing the sunny weather of summer, you’re welcome for this super belated blog post where I talk about my summer. For those of you who would rather forget about summer and cuddle up with a comfy sweater and hot apple cider (because this season used to be about apple and then pumpkin was like “move over.” Isn’t it enough that we already use pumpkin as a Halloween center piece and then it’s like “nah nah nah – apple is boring. You need a little more [pumpkin] spice in your life”), my sincerest apologies.

I realized I never had a summary post from my summer, and hot dog(!) was it eventful! All this time, I never really mentioned that I had a summer internship (biggest kept secret since Hannah Montana) (except for that time she told an entire town about her secret identity). This summer, I was a marketing intern at Mascot Books in Herndon, VA. Basically, the company is a pay-to-publish publishing company that attracts writers from all over the country and abroad. I did all sorts of things: creating press releases and research lists by researching local bookstores (name ANY town ever and I’ll give you 5 bookstores in that area. Spider-Man can stop crime in its tracks and I can do… this), bloggers, reviewers, and media sources; copy editing; working on web copy writing; and working on social media and advertising materials. However, basically, I had two jobs because I also worked reception:


This was my desk! So I also dealt with a lot of in-person author relations (I got handed a lot of business cards that I still don’t know what to do with). Also, that phone on the left of the image would ring… a lot. And it was my job to answer it, so I had to get over my talking-over-the-phone anxiety real fast.

How does this help with my honors thesis? Well, my main character in my comedy novel is having a book published. When I was workshopping ideas in my creative writing class last semester, we talked about how the process seemed overly simplified in early drafts. Being in a publishing environment really helped me get a feel for how long the publishing process is. Before, I was just kind of letting my main character do her thing and we maybe saw her editor once, but now I just realize how involved the process is. There are so many meetings with authors weekly! I had no idea! I thought that they only met when the project was finished and finalized, but it’s so much more in-depth. Also, I think being in this atmosphere will help me describe what a publishing company kind of feels like. Although my company was way different than a traditional publisher, I got a feel of the different jobs that people can have in marketing, how those jobs intersect, etc. All in all, a super interesting experience.

Plus, since I only worked 3 days a week, I had a lot of time to work on my thesis, which was exciting! I was also very flexible with my hours enough that I was able to take a bunch of time off for my research trip to New York (which I’ve already talked about in detail so I won’t talk your ear off) (but also *swoons over Jake Gyllenhaal*)

That’s all from me, folks! Hopefully, I’ll be much more regular from now on and you will hear from me sooner than like 3 months from now! Take care!

Back to your regularly scheduled spooky season.

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