The Fear of the Blank Page

I’m writing this post on Halloween because I’m worried that some people might not have a costume prepared for the spooky festivities. If you really want to scare people this Halloween, dress up like the creative writing rewrite process.

So much has changed in my novel since I started writing it. Characters have full personalities and motivations (like people!!) and plot lines have changed entirely. Therefore, my professor suggested that I start rewriting. Not rewriting like editing, but rewriting, like opening up a new document and going for it.

However, it’s not as bad as I thought. It’s so much easier now that I know the story and I know the characters. Plus, I’m able to use my research trip from this summer. For example, one of my first scenes takes place in a place called Pommes Frites, which is a french fry restaurant in NYC. Before, I couldn’t really describe it well, but I went back this summer!


And I’m using my notes so much! Check this newly rewritten section out:

Pushing open the door, she set her sights instantly on trying to find an empty table in this closet of a venue. There were only two high tables to begin with, so the chances weren’t high. And Denise was not a bench-person, so that was not an option. As soon as she saw someone start to move, she ran over with the energy and fervor of a soccer mom at a PTA meeting when someone in the back mutters that their kids don’t eat organic – “I guess you’re fine with your daughter dying of pesticides, Karen.”
I liked to call this place Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre-chic. The stained glass windows, wooden paneling, and torch lights created a medieval atmosphere that was utterly ruined by “Give Up the Funk” playing over the speaker system.
She sat me down while she went to get our standard order, telling me that if anyone tried to steal our table, I should just bite them. It seemed like the perfect way to reenact the Plague epidemic. See? Medieval.

It is so much easier to write about places when you’ve experienced it! Super excited to see where this project goes.

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