March & April Updates: COVID-19 Outbreak & Writing on Thesis

Hi all,

Hope you’re stay safe and healthy. As the laboratories shut down in the beginning of March, I was not able to carry out more experiments for my honor project. A lot of things need to be done, but unfortunately I could not finish them up before leaving W&M. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 made all of us frustrated since we were not able to go to school, take classes, or even meet our friends. Staying at home became necessarily important. However, I felt a little bit sad because I could not do more research and say goodbye to everyone in-person.

What I mostly did during this special time was focusing on both data processing and writing my thesis. Luckily, before the shutdown of research facilities, I got several good data of cyclic voltammetry which anaylzed the electrocatalytic ability of my iron complex. it could give us some information about how good my catalyst is. Also, since I still had some clean spectra, which could characterize my pincer ligand well. I still had something to present in my thesis.

Doing chemistry research is quite different from doing other researches. Sometimes I spent several days doing a single reaction, but the result was still bad. The process of getting good results is always painful. But, no pain, no gain.

Right now, I finished up my thesis’ writing. I expect to present what I achieved to all of people.