About the Honors Fellowships

The William and Mary Honors Fellowships provide a new way to support the intellectual community at the College through direct contributions to individual undergraduate research projects.

All students who have been approved by their departments to conduct Honors research in the 2017-2018 academic year are eligible to apply for fellowships of up to $6,000 through the William & Mary Honors Fellowships program. Funding from our generous alumni is added to funding that students receive through the online William & Mary GiveCampus site. Students who conduct their research on campus are also given free residence hall housing.

We recently approved proposals for this year’s summer honors research projects — and now we are looking for people willing to fund these incredible research projects. Simply visit our web site, browse the list of projects, and choose the project — or projects — you want to support. Then follow along through the blog as the students post on their research experiences throughout the year.