MK-STYX July Update

My research on MK-STYX has been progressing this summer. With just two weeks left to go, we are starting to finish our experiments and wrapping up the summer by ensuring our cells lines are good and we have what we need for next semester.


Updates on MK-STYX

Hello, this is Arya Dahal, updating everyone on my progress in research. I study the pseudophosphatase MK-STYX in Dr. Hinton’s biology lab. I am currently trying to figure out the mechanism behind MK-STYX’s effect on cofilin (actin depolymerization factor) and neurite extensions.


MK-STYX: An Introduction

Hello, my name is Arya Dahal and I am a junior majoring in (and loving) Biology. Research has always been at the core of my academic experience and I am very pleased to continue to grow as a researcher and a scholar by completing an honors thesis in the next year. Currently, my research focuses…
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